Geometry Formulas and Equations 1 FREE

Geometry formula reference / cheat sheet. For everyday use at school, work and home.

Type Of Angles

Relations Between Angles
Interior Angles, Exterior Angles
Angle Bisectors
Triangle Theorems
Right Triangle
Interior Angle Bisector Theorem, Exterior Angle Bisector Theorem
Ceva’s Theorem, Stewart’s Theorem, Basic Proportionality Theorem, Menelaus’ Theorem, Carnot’s Theorem

Unit Circle
Trigonometric Functions
Sum and Product Formulas
Sum and Difference Identities
Reciprocal, Pythagorean and Quotient Identities
Negative Angle Identities
Trigonometric Function Signs
Trigonometric Values for Common Angles

Photography Cheat Sheet Mobile FREE

Photography Cheat Sheet Free


Cheater John Photography Cheat Sheet Mobile is the best reference guide for every photographer.

Designed for mobile phones.

Only 2 screens / pages!

Table of contents :
● Aperture
Depth of Field
● Shutter Speed
● Memory Cards
SD Card Types
SD Card Speed Classes

Full version includes :

● Aperture
Depth of Field
● Shutter Speed
● Exposure
Exposure Triangle
● White Balance
Colour Temperatures
Common White Balance Settings
● Mode Dial
● Memory Cards
SD Card Types
SD Card Speed Classes

Excel VLOOKUP Examples & Function Reference FREE

Excel VLOOKUP Examples and Function Reference Cheat Sheet

Word 2010 Keyboard Shortcuts 1 Cheat Sheet is a gift with this sheet.

If you want to learn how to use VLOOKUP and advance your VLOOKUP skills, this free reference sheet is for you.

As this sheet designed in vector graphics it has infinite resolution and could be printed in high quality.

It fits all levels and can be used for business and educational purposes.

VLOOKUP sheet includes this sections :

  • Description
  • Syntax
  • Arguments
  • Remarks
  • Basic Examples
  • Advanced Examples