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120 Page, 6″x9″ Lined Notebooks
Funniest Titles Ever
Elegant Black Cover

1st round is on you.
2019 ? 2021
2020, Fu*k You
All right.
What do you have?
Am I in trouble?
Are we sure we can make it to Q4?
Are you going to Mars?
We could not get a coffee machine to the office yet.
Are you kidding me? It was an unnecessary question.
Arguing with you is not among my priorities.
As soon as you can.
At least promote the year 2020 and let’s get rid of it.
Ball’s in your court.
Be nice to me
Best error message ever : 404 Year Not found, 2020
Big wig
Bla bla bla bla…
Boss Lady
Bring it on!
Calm down my friend.
Calm down suggestions for teachers.
Can I help you?
Can I leave early today?
Can someone close 2020?
Can someone whisper to me the topic of this meeting?
Can you do that?
CEO Chief Eccentric Officer
CEO Chief Empathetic Officer
CEO Chief Errrr Officer
CFO Chief Fabulous Officer
CFO Chief Fancy Officer
CFO Chief Fithful Officer
CFO Chief Flamboyant Officer
CFO Chief Funny Officer
CFO Chief Furious Officer
Chaos is my middle name.
CMO Chief Magic Officer
CMO Chief Mayhem Officer
CMO Chief Modish Officer
CMO Chief Moosh Officer
Confidential information that should never be written.
CTO Chief Talkative Officer
CTO Chief Tremendous Officer
CTO Chief Troublesome Officer
Ctrl Alt Del
Damn 2020 what’s your problem with us, man.
Damn it

Dear boss, we love you as much as we love 2020.
Dear school principal.
Dear, not very dear person.
Did I ever say how much I love you? Because I do not.
Did I say I hate you?
Did I say I was extremely humble?
Did you say something? Anyway, I don’t mind.
Divide and Conquer
Do not underestimate your abilities. That is my job.
Do you agree with me? So I am wrong.
Do you know how hard I tried to find this meeting room?
Do you think I’m rich? You are right.
Do you think I’m sitting in front of the computer for 24 hours, eating chips and drinking cola? You are right.
Don’t fu*k with me
Don’t judge me
Don’t make me use that voice.
Don’t push it.
Don’t tell me how to do my job.
Don’t try to read me. I am not a book.
Drop dead gorgeous
Drug test result.
Drunk-Dial List
Every problem is a gift. You are my gift.
Fair enough
Fake it till you make it.
Get a life
Get out
Give me a break.
Go get ’em
Gone fishing. -Teacher
Gonna go do what I gotta do.
Ha ha ha…
Have a seat
Here is my final offer.
High Five
High Level
Hobbies that will reduce anxiety.
How do you know my real name?
How does it feel to be second in everything?
How to beat teacher burnout.
How to survive in the dark. Make light.
I accept it without thinking. I wouldn’t accept it if I thought about it.
I admit I am very successful.
I am a consultant. I am consulted.
I am a controller. I control things.
I am a coordinator. I coordinate things.
I am a designer. I design things.
I am a director. I direct things.
I am a general manager. I manage things generally.
I am a leader. I lead things.
I am a manager. I am managing things.
I am a programmer. I program things.
I am a salesperson. I sell things.
I am a specialist. I specialize in things.
I am a student, you are a teacher. That’s all I have to say.
I am a superintendent. I superintend things.
I am a supervisor. I supervise things.
I am a teacher. I teach.
I am a team leader. I lead teams.
I am an analyst. I analyze things.
I am an assistant. I assist things.
I am an excutive. I execute things.
I am an organizer. I organize things.
I am an overseer. I oversee things.
I am at the top of my career.
I am definitely a nerd. Do you have a problem with this?
I am extremely beautiful.
I am here to prepare you for life. Not to hate my own life.
I am not exactly the listening type.
I am not wearing underwear.
I am sleepy.
I am the best. But I don’t know what I am the best at yet.
I am the boss of the best.
I am who I am. You are who you are. He is…wait how did we get here?
I can help you to solve this problem.
I can stare at you for hours and feel nothing.
I can’t date anyone from the office.
I cannot take my eyes off you. What’s that thing on your hair?
I didn’t know what to buy for a person as valuable as you. For this reason, I bought the cheapest gift I could find.
I didn’t think about it, but you did. Then I have to take notes right away.
I do not like anyone sitting at this table.
I do not like the person sitting behind me.
I do not like the person sitting in front of me.
I do not like the person sitting on my left.
I do not like the person sitting on my right.
I don’t blame you.
I don’t care
I don’t like easy things. I don’t like hard things either.
I don’t remember their name but the person from whom I got this book is my best friend.
I don’t wanna talk about it.
I feel bad for you.
I forgot my plutonium batteries at home. You take care of those things.
I go high when they go low.
I got an idea.
I got bored from getting bored.
I got me
I had already thought about it.
I have a boyfriend.
I have a couple of words to say to those celebrating the arrival of the new year.
I have a girlfriend.
I have no idea what “2020” means.
I hear things.
I just do what I do.
I know a lot
I know I know.
I like being a mess.
I missed being a student.
I need to believe that it works.
I never said “push yourself too hard”. I say now.
I said “Don’t be late”
I said personal.
I see students with shark teeth in my dream.
I should take note of that right away.
I thought we were not in the stone age. There is no “undo” button in this notebook.
I will acccept that.
I will be honest with you.
I win by a mile.
I work with the best.
I’m Bored
I’m done
I’m getting tired of this junk.
I’m good with numbers too.
I’m good with numbers.
I’m not sure I want to go back to school. -Teacher
I’m ready to hear your bullsh*t.
I’m rich
If money is not going to change me, what should I do with it?
If the years are a game, the 2020 is the final boss.
If you think I’m going to hire you, you’re wrong my friend.
In answer to your question : NO
Is it clear that I hate school? Good.
Is this a joke?
It won’t be a problem anymore.
It’s a win-win.
It’s time to stop playing games.
It’s your call.
Just because I got a pen in my ear doesn’t mean I’m crazy.
Keep learning at home. I mean it.
Keep your phone on silent.
Latest News! This year, Q4 has decided not to come.
Let me know if we can get together.
Let me use Phonetic Alphabet. “N”ovember “O”scar
Let someone teach me today.
Let’s do it again soon.
Let’s go
Let’s make a bet.
Let’s talk about how much this will cost you.
Let’s talk about this after my promotion.
Let’s talk business.
List of extremely good ideas.
List of goals that will never be achieved.
List of people I wouldn’t regret if they caught on fire.
List of ridiculous thoughts that didn’t work.
List of things I forgot. What were they really?
Meeting minutes : Meet again tomorrow.
Memo: Q4 has been canceled. Skip to 2021.
Most anticipated year in history: 2021
Mr. Nothing
Ms. Nothing
My English is prefect.
My notes that I will never look at again.
My salary is not enough for the therapy cost.
Never mind
Nightmare 99th Episode
No I am not a data entry clerk.
No I am not sleeping. I rest my eyes.
No I’m not bald. My hair is not visible.
No I’m not joking. I am the joke.
No problem
No pushover
No thanks
No way, I love my cubicle.
No way!
No, I cannot work 24 hours.
No, I’m not crying, student.
No, no I’m not paranoid. I really see those things.
No, None, Nada
No, this is not expensive. It’s not just cheap either.
No, you are not stupid. I’m just so clever.
Not your concern.
Note in case of emergency.
Of course I blame you for my own mistakes.
Of course I’m waiting for a promotion.
Oh my god
OK Boomer
Out of this world
Over my dead body.
People think I am strange.
Please don’t underestimate my memory. By the way, what was your name?
Plenty of fish in the sea.
Pretend to work guide.
Q4 We are not ready yet. Can you come a little late?
Q4 we embrace you. But by paying attention to social distance.
Q4, Another disgraceful quarter.
Q4, Our last hope.
Q4; Q1, Q2 and Q3 no dice.
Remember the colorful triangle hat that says 2020 on your head.
Remind me to fire you.
Replay your year. No, not this one.
Sex is a weapon.
Shift Del
Show me what you got.
Shut up and take my money.
Sir, I am an advanced user.
Sir, I invite you to a duel.
Smile. I made a joke.
Some people would be happy with that news.
Sorry I’m late
Sorry to know people who have time to read the cover of my notebook.
Sorry, what did you say your name was again?
Stress relieving is the key.
Student List
Students are not my enemies. Students are not my enemies. Students are not …
Stunning? Yes it’s me.
Success is a word that is not in my dictionary.
Summary of my life : 2019 » N/A » 2021
Swipe Left
Swipe Right
Tab Tab Tab…
Teaching Challenges
Teaching is my calling.
Tell me about it.
Tell me human, I’m listening.
Thank you for being you. If I were you, I would cry.
Thank you so much for this cheap gift.
Thanks a lot!
That sounds like blackmail.
The art of avoiding meetings.
The art of being perfect.
The art of closing a deal.
The art of managing people who don’t understand your humour.
The art of managing people who don’t understand your wit.
The art of understanding people. This book is empty for that reason.
The best joke of the year was the year itself.
The meaning of life is…
The rumors are true. There is a treasure map in this notebook.
The secret of my failure.
The set of happy teachers is an empty set.
The world is not against you. You are against the world.
The year you are looking for is not available. 2020
There is an inverse proportion between the number of students and my mental health.
They told me you can’t. They were right. I could not.
Things I hide from everyone.
Things I’ve learned from teaching.
Think about what your life would be like without me.
Think big
Think small
This is how it’s gonna be.
This is just a simple little notepad buddy.
This is just one of the 100 notebooks I have. And all are empty.
Today is my day.
Told you
Top dog
Top Secret
Travel within. Feel yourself.
Trying to look pretty.
Virus test result.
We all know that what we are talking now has no meaning.
We are not in kindergarten.
We have to have a talk about how you keep interrupting me.
We should talk.
What are you gonna do?
What are you talking about?
What are you upset about?
What can I do for you?
What do you need?
What do you suggest?
What do you think I should do?
What is it that you call “sleep”?
What kind of mental illness is it to think every day is Monday?
What year are we in?
What’d I miss?
What’s next?
Who are you looking at?
Who doesn’t like an open office.
Who says teaching is stressful?
Why am I here?
Why are we here?
Why are you here?
Why can’t I write on this notebook with a stylus pen?
Why don’t you surprise me?
Why should I?
Will anyone tell me what the matter is?
Yes you can buy me with money.
Yes, I am as smart as I look.
Yes, this notebook is really empty.
Yes, yes I’m sure it is.
Yesterday was a bad day. It’s worse today.
Yin Yang [resim]
You are also among those who say “happy new year” right?
You are doing great.
You are driving me crazy.
You are mine.
You are my hero.
You are so funny.
You are very optimistic for me my friend.
You can leave early today.
You can’t have both.
You know I was right.
You know I’m right.
You know what
You look happy. I am happy.
You made my day.
You make me sick.
You need rehab
You need some guesses.
You only die once.
You owe me one.
You should talk.
You shouldn’t have…
You were supposed to be here an hour ago.
You what!?
You’re so funny that I can’t even laugh.