Word 2010 Keyboard Shortcuts 1 FREE


Word 2010 Keyboard Shortcuts 1 Cheat Sheet

Work much more efficiently in Word 2010 with keyboard shortcuts. This reference sheet (1 pages) includes first part of shortcut key combinations.

As this sheet designed in vector graphics it has infinite resolution and could be printed in high quality.

It fits all levels and can be used for business and educational purposes.

Table of contents :

  • Microsoft Office BasicsDisplay and use windows
    • Use dialog boxes
    • Use edit boxes within dialog boxes
    • Use the Open and Save As dialog boxes
    • Undo and redo actions
    • Access and use task panes and galleries
    • Access and use task panes and galleries
  • Common Tasks in Microsoft Word
  • Edit and Move Text and GraphicsDelete text and graphics
    • Copy and move text and graphics
    • Insert special characters
    • Insert characters by using character codes
    • Select text and graphics
    • Extend a selection
    • Select text and graphics in a table
    • Move through your document
    • Move around in a table
    • Insert paragraphs and tab characters in a table
    • Use overtype mode

Plus : Excel VLOOKUP Examples & Function Reference GIFT